Nickelodeon Pulls the Plug on Sam & Cat After Just 1 Very Successful Season

Teen and tween fans of Ariana Grande are going to have to turn somewhere other than Nickelodeon to see their favorite star these days. In an unusual move, the network has cancelled the star's hugely popular Sam & Cat series before it even completed its first season. The show, which was one of the most highly anticipated new shows of the Fall season, brought together Jennette McCurdy as Sam from iCarly and Grande as Cat from Victorious as unlikely roommates who move in together and start a babysitting business.

But the unlikely roommate situation appears to have played out as unlikely costars as well. When the cameras turned off, there were rumors of jealousy over salary discrepancies, risqué photos of one of the stars leaked on social media, talk of overworked actresses (the series was filming 40 episodes for it's first season, an unusually long season), and there were two stars who were trying to break out of the tween show formula and find their way to music careers of their own. For Grande, it's a pop career that took off this Summer with her smash single "Problem" debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

With all of that in mind, Nickelodeon was left with few options other than pulling the plug on one of it's most popular shows, making this past weekend's show — the 35th episode — the series finale. And while the show's stars are both usually very active on social media, as of today, only Grande is speaking to the show's fans, posting the following missive on her Facebook page.

For now, fans will have to stick with the radio for hearing their favorite stars, but we're sure that won't be the case for long. Something tells us these young stars have some tricks up their sleeves. Source: Nickelodeon