1 NICU Nurse Explains Why Caring For Sick Babies and Their Families Isn't Just a "Job"

Brittany Denise knows that when she tells people she is a NICU nurse, many will naturally assume that this means she gets to hold and cuddle babies all day long — but that's not the case. Sure, she does get a snuggle or two here and there, but for the most part, her long days are spent saving the lives of babies who are not yet strong enough to live on their own without a variety of medications, tubes, and injections. In a post to Facebook, Brittany speaks of these days: "I witness miracles. I get to see little lives come back and beat insurmountable odds. But sometimes I don't . . . "

I help to resuscitate babies when their hearts stop and little bodies simply can't take any more.

I beat myself up trying to think what we could have done better or different when all medical options have been exhausted.

I hand those sweet little lives to their parents as they take their last breaths when science and medicine is no longer enough.

I give them medication to make them comfortable in their last moments here on earth. . . .

I hug their family members as they walk away from their baby's room for the last time, hoping my words brought them some comfort.

I sometimes cry in the car on my way home, in the shower, or as I try to fall asleep before going into work to take care of other little lives.

For Brittany, being a NICU nurse means so much more than snuggling babies — it means being there for families through some of the highest highs and lowest lows of their lives, which is a true gift, and so much more than just a "job." Read the rest of her heartfelt post above.