20 The Nightmare Before Christmas Party Ideas That Would Make Jack and Sally Proud

When it comes to Halloween, the sky's the limit on creativity. Whether you're making your own costume, getting crafty with DIY decorations for your house, or throwing your kids and their friends a spooky party, it's the perfect excuse to go all out. And if you are going the party route this year, what better theme is there than The Nightmare Before Christmas? From Jack and Sally snacks to Halloween Town-like decor, you can throw a Tim Burton-inspired bash that will please every little monster in attendance. Keep reading for some party inspiration to get you started, then kick off an unforgettable Halloween extravaganza.


Purple and Gold Treats

These sweet treats are sure to leave a good impression on all partygoers. The purple-chocolate-covered pretzels are a favorite and so easy to re-create. Simply melt some white chocolate, add in purple dye, and dip in your pretzel sticks for a deliciously cute snack.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Clock

This clock encapsulates some of the iconic imagery from the Tim Burton tale and makes for a fantastic accent to any party decorations.


Customized Cake and Cake Pops

This customized cake and adorable cake pops make for an awesome setup. The blue light also takes the spook factor up a notch.


An RIP Area

Who doesn't love purple and black decorations for Halloween? The massive tombstone helps bring it all together.


Jack Skellington Balloon Mascot

This balloon figurine of the movie's main character, Jack Skellington, is to die for (get it?). Partygoers can even take photos next to it for a special keepsake.


Spooky Character Table Placements

This snack setup is true to the film.


Jack Skellington Goody Bags

The party doesn't have to end when the kids leave. They can take these themed goody bags home with them.


Man-Eating Wreath Treats

These yummy cookies look just like the man-eating wreaths from the film. You'd better take a bite before they bite you!


Eclectic Table Settings

Table settings allow you to incorporate colors and characters from the movie in really fun ways. The black-and-white pumpkin can also be a fun DIY project!


Skeleton Cookies

These skeleton gingerbread cookies are a tasty addition to the snack table. They aren't too difficult to make, and the end result is an adorable treat.


Character Figurines

How cool are these character figurines? The kiddos can take awesome photos alongside them.


Themed Name Decoration

Each letter of this name decoration represents unique aspects of the movie, and it's perfect to hang or add to a table. It's fun and special to your little one.


Fun Multilayer Cake

The unique layers on this cake make it a one-of-a-kind, standout treat.


Character-Topped Oreos

These character-topped cookies are a fun spin on a classic treat. The kids will eat these up in no time.


Character Cake Pops

These cake pops are perfect for the party but would also make for great goody bag treats.


Color-Themed Snacks

While this entire setup is amazing, the purple lollipops and striped cupcake holders stand out. These are simple projects that really make a difference.


Character Silverware Holders

Elevate your snack table with fun containers for silverware, and draw familiar characters from the film on them. These feature Jack Skellington, Sally, and a man-eating wreath.


Movie Scene Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers are easy to put together and can take your treats to the next level.


Jack Skellington Pie

How cool is this Jack Skellington pie idea? Make it in your favorite flavor, and put your cutting skills to the test.


Pumpkin and Popcorn Treats

The creative popcorn hands will grab hold of all your guests with their delicious insides.