We're Squealing "What's This?" at This Cute Nightmare Before Christmas Night Light

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Halloween is right around the corner, and we cannot wait to pull out all of our Halloween decorations and maybe add a few new ones into the mix as well. We are loving this The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Mood Light ($23). This supercute lamp features Jack Skellington's dog, Zero, with a little pumpkin nose and red collar. With an automatic timer that turns off after 10 minutes, this sweet pup would make a great Fall-time companion for any kids who can't conquer the dark alone!

When the light isn't on, your family will love how cute Zero is just sitting on a shelf or desk. He's the perfect creamy white with an innocent grin and wide black eyes. The night light is six inches tall, so it fits perfectly in whatever little nook or cranny in your family's house could use a little spooky fun. Plus, it comes with batteries! (Because what's more annoying than having to search for batteries in your junk drawer?)

One reviewer of the light even said it would be great for decorating your room window at Disney World, and we have to be honest, we love that idea! Another person who bought the light said it wasn't too bright or too dim. We think this is a major plus if it needed to be turned on in the middle of the night by a child who had to go to the bathroom or to get a drink and not want to wake up others in the same room. The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Mood Lamp can be ordered from Box Lunch or found in its stores around the country. Keep reading for more adorable photos!