These Brothers Became Dads at the Exact Same Time . . . 80 Miles Apart

Sibling rivalry is all too common, especially between brothers, but two North Carolina men took their brotherly competition to an entirely new level when their wives delivered babies — at the exact same time.

Stephen and Matt Thayer may have been 80 miles away from one another at two totally different hospitals, but they both welcomed new additions at 6:53 p.m. on March 20. Talk about a crazy coincidence!

Matt and his wife, Brooke, first-time parents, welcomed a baby girl named Cassidy after many hours of labor. Stephen and his wife, Fawn, rejoiced at their third child, Benjamin, after only a few hours. March 20 was quite the happy day for the Thayer family, and for more reasons than one — now they can host split birthday parties for their kids every year! "We were joking that we can have them all in the same venue from here on out — same day, same minute, same place," Stephen shared with Today. Somehow, with such a crazy birth connection, we don't think Cassidy and Benjamin will mind.