LOL, North West Side-Eyeing Saint Is the Definition of Having a Sibling

Being the oldest sibling can be . . . trying at times, to say the least, and it looks like North West has just about reached her limit with her 3-year-old brother, Saint. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian shared a few photos of the siblings enjoying some leisure time with their baby brother Psalm West.

While the very first photo of 3-month-old Psalm and 6-year-old North is heartwarmingly adorable, a couple swipes through the rest of the photos tells a totally different story. North goes from minding her business to giving Saint some major side-eye. "It was going so good . . . swipe," Kim captioned the post, adding a cry-laughing emoji because North is just too relatable.

It isn't clear how Saint went from being so, well, saintly to glaring at his older sister, but Psalm's indifference to the whole situation is just as hysterical as the looks his siblings are sharing behind him. Scroll through Kim's post for a full play-by-play of North and Saint going from sweet to sour.