This Might Be the Most Shocking Breastfeeding Story You Read All Year

Far too often, news about nursing moms revolves around women being banned from an establishment or shamed by total strangers. So imagine Emily's shock (and our own) when she was shown support, not disapproval, for breastfeeding her baby in public. During a recent night out with her family, which includes a 6-month-old boy, the Pennsylvania mother began nursing her son at the table. When the check arrived at the end of the night, it came with a note that read, "I noticed you breastfeeding in public and I think that's awesome and admirable. Pay it forward. Happy Holidays."

In addition to the kinds words, the stranger also paid for the family's meal. When Emily approached her to say thanks, the woman explained that she works in a restaurant and thought it was great to see someone openly nurse their child.

"I sometimes worry about having to defend my right to nurse when feeding my baby in public, since you typically hear about women being harassed or asked to leave/cover themselves," Emily tells Mommyish. "I definitely never expected this response! This was so heartwarming and I look forward to doing something to support another mom."

Perhaps 2015 will be the year people start accepting breastfeeding moms.