These Are the 7 Essentials You Really Need in Your Nursery

The final prebaby moments are filled with lots of excitement. Gathering all the essentials needed for welcoming a new little bundle into your home can turn into an overwhelming mess of trying to decide what you really need. Everyone is different, but there are a few things that will make your life easier and calmer during the first few months. Take it from the real moms we polled and stick with the following seven nursery room basics.

  1. A baby monitor: Not only does a baby monitor give you peace of mind, you'll find yourself using it way past the first year! Several of the moms we asked still use monitors to listen in when toddlers are having quiet time.
  2. Tons of onesies: Babies are messy, which makes having lots and lots of onesies on hand so helpful! You'll probably find you have several with you at all times.
  3. A good rocking chair: One mom shared how she didn't feel like spending tons of money on a rocking chair and discovered it was a big mistake. Pick up a chair that's comfortable so you can relax during feedings and late-night fussiness.
  4. A pack-n-play: Probably one of the most recommended items from new moms, a pack-n-play lets you take baby anywhere. But one that comes with the ability to soothe baby to sleep thanks to technology that makes it seem like she's being calmed with a car ride around the block (without leaving the house!) is life-changing.
  5. Three-in-one crib: Picking the right crib is essential for many reasons, including the fact that you're going to be looking at it for a long time. Save yourself future decor dramatics and go with a convertable crib, which transitions from crib to child bed to big-kid bed.
  6. Diaper bin: One mom confessed to simply picking up a fresh, lidded mini garbage pail to use as a diaper bin and discovered within the first month it wasn't going to cut it. Go with an actual diaper pail with liner that offers odor control. Your house will thank you.
  7. Night light: Not only does a night light keep things at a perfect low glow, it helps you see in the middle of the night. And unlike a wipe-warmer or fancy mobile, a cute little light will definitely stand the test of time.

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