The Unexpected Reason 1 Old Navy Employee Stopped This Mom When Her Baby Was Crying

When Danyale Peterson walked into her local Old Navy, her little boy was sound asleep in his car seat. But that didn't last long and little Cole woke up midshopping trip, ready to eat.

As the baby began to get fussy, the Georgia mom made her way to the front of the store so she could leave her things and get his bag, when an employee stopped her and offered to hold the crying child while she ran out to the car. "I hesitated at first quite naturally but accepted her help," Danyale wrote on Facebook. "Before I even made it to the door, Cole had stopped crying. When I returned, he was still so calm and content. She was so in love with his scent."

The stranger then told Danyale that she had 30 minutes of time that she could care for baby Cole while she got her shopping done. She also offered to feed him and this new mom decided to accept the unexpected help. "She even walked around the store with him after he ate, talking to him and telling him that he could be a president or a teacher, whatever he chose to be, and kissing him softly on his cheeks and head!" she wrote. "I was so amazed at her sincerity and love shown towards him, I could barely focus on my shopping."

After Danyale finished checking out, she reached out to put the baby in his car seat but instead, the woman offered to walk him to their car. She also stayed until the baby was settled and his mom was able to put his stroller away.

"Said it was such a blessing to have been able to care for him while I shopped, and wished us safe travels back home. Kind is an understatement for what this woman did!" she wrote. "And for the second day in a row I am reminded that not everyone sees color!
Thank you Ms. Laura for allowing me to shop in peace today!"