This Video of Kids Choosing Between Gifts For Themselves or Their Parents Will Have You Bawling

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'Tis the season of giving and receiving — a reciprocation we've come to expect each year. While it's easy to forget that the holidays are about others when we have our own growing wish lists, this video by UPtv reminds us exactly what this time of year's really all about. Kids from Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Clubs — 83 percent of whom come from low-income families, many of whom "aren't able to afford even a Christmas tree" — were asked to make the most torturous decision a child of that age has probably ever had to make.

When asked what they were hoping to get for Christmas, the responses were unsurprising: a Barbie house, XBOX 360, etc. And then they were asked what they thought their parents would want. Not only were the kids presented with exactly what they asked for, but they were also handed the same gifts their parents wished for. However, each child had to make the decision of keeping only one, and as you'll see in the video above, most of them were willing to give up their toys and electronics for their parents. When asked why, they had the most touching responses:

"Because Legos don't matter — your family matters. So it's either family or Legos and I choose family.""If I get a laptop, my mom will lose something. She helps me when I'm sick, she helps me with my homework."
"They look out for me and do stuff for me so I need to give back to them."

Luckily, those who chose to give up their own presents were able to go home with both, which brought tears to their eyes, their parents's eyes, and ours. What's even more hard hitting is the reply to a comment one user left asking, "How many kids didn't make the video because they picked their own gift?" UPtv replied, "Around 80 percent of kids picked the gift for their family."

If your holiday spirit isn't fully restored by now, we're not sure what will do it. Watch "The Other Christmas Gift" for yourself and prepare to bawl your eyes out. Happy holidays!