This Netflix Movie Goes Out to All the Moms Whose Kids Never Call

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There are two eras in every parent's life — before kids and after kids. But it's the after kids era that gets the most complicated. In Netflix's new original film, Otherhood, three longtime friends grapple with their identities now that their sons are grown up and have all moved out. In the film, the moms (played by Patricia Arquette, Angela Bassett, and Felicity Huffman) venture into New York City to pay their sons unplanned visits in an attempt to reconnect with them — but it ends up being a much deeper emotional journey than they expected.

No matter what stage of parenting you're in, the trailer for Otherhood will hit you right in the parenting gut, but this movie definitely goes out to the empty nesters whose kids never call. See the sweet trailer in full above, and catch Otherhood on Netflix and in select theaters beginning Aug. 2.