This Hilarious Video of Parenting Expectations vs. Reality Will Remind You to Embrace the Chaos

Way before your first pregnancy test shows two pink lines, you'll likely have an idea of how you're going to raise your child, what their personality is going to be like, and what you're going to do for them — like make organic baby food from scratch — no matter what. Once you have your first child, though, things might look a little bit . . . different.

In this sweet and silly video from the Andersons called, "When We Have Kids," the idealistic couple is shown two years in the past outlining exactly what they expect from their baby-on-the-way — while flashes from the present completely contradict everything they say.

The video is funny but rings true — you can't plan for everything and you can't beat yourself up when your expectations don't exactly become reality. Watch the video to see the Andersons illustrate that sometimes parenting is a roller coaster that you just have to hop on and ride.