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Parents Make Slide to Safely Share Halloween Candy | Video

This Family Created a Spooky Slide to Hand Out Halloween Candy, and We're Impressed!

Jaimie and Jay from the YouTube channel Wicked Makers are utterly obsessed with Halloween. Given the fact they're also parents to two kids, they want to make the most beloved fall family activity — aka trick-or-treating! — as safe as possible amid the pandemic. Rather than risking the spread of the coronavirus by leaving out a bowl of chocolate bars, the pair got to work making a spooky candy slide that delivers treats to little ones from a safe six feet away.

Although it takes some serious DIY energy to follow their tutorial and throw this creepy prop together, we can't help but give Jaimie and Jay an A for effort! After using various sizes of PVC pipe to make the base of the candy slide, Jaimie relied on her trusty glue gun to totally creepify their handy invention, complete with skeleton and mummy details.

Parents who aren't quite as crafty can take a page from Andrew Beattie's book, a dad who made a simple candy slide by attaching a fully decorated cardboard shipping tube to the handrail on his front porch.

Our 6' candy chute is ready to be attached to the handrail! Come on, Halloween!!! 🎃👻🧙 #fucovid19...

Posted by Andrew Beattie on Saturday, September 12, 2020

Keep in mind, parents: if you make one of these awesome slides, the candy transactions should be completely contactless and masks should definitely be on at all times to ensure safety! "This will be a completely 'touch-free' experience for trick or treaters," Andrew noted in his Facebook post. "There will be a sign at the bottom of the tube showing them where to hold their bags and buckets so the candy can drop right in." If you plan on taking your kids trick-or-treating amid the pandemic, check out these tips for handling Halloween candy this year.

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