Paw Patrol Is on a Roll, and These Themed Cakes Are Ready For Action — Birthday Party Action!

"Paw Patrol is on a roll!" If you have a kiddo who wishes they lived in Adventure Bay with six dogs and a best friend named Ryder, it may be time to expand on their love of Paw Patrol by channeling the theme into their next birthday celebration. If you want to throw your child a Paw Patrol birthday party, you're going to need a seriously awesome cake to go with the theme that highlights Skye, Chase, Zuma, Rubble, Rocky, Marshall, and the rest of the Adventure Bay gang.

Ahead, find some of the cutest Paw Patrol birthday cake ideas that are "on the case" to make your child's next birthday pup-tastic.

Marshall and Rubble Cake

Skye and Everest Cake

Marshall Face Cake

Rocky Recycling Truck Cake

Skye Sprinkle Cake

Lookout Tower, Zuma, Rocky, and Chase Cake

Skye Face Layer Cake

Chase, Marshall, and Rocky Face Layers Cake

Paw Patrol Pups Cake

Skye and Everest Paint Cake

Chase, Rubble, and Marshall Cake

Zuma Cake

Marshall Cake

Everest Vehicle Cake

Paw Patrol Dog Bowl Cake

Marshall, Chase, Zuma, and Rubble Faces Layer Cake

Paw Patrol Character Faces Cake

Blue Skye Cake

Rocky and Zuma Cupcake Cake

Chase Character Cake

Marshall and Rubble Cake

Marshall Stars Cake

Chase Cake

Pink Skye Cake

Chase Face Cake

Character Drip Cake

Rubble Face Cake

Skye, Rubble, and Zuma Color Cake

Rubble M&M Cake

Purple Skye Cake

Tracker Character Cake

Everest and Skye Bubbles Cake

Lookout Tower Cake

Paw Patrol Rock Candy Cake

Chase Face Cake

Skye Number Cake

Marshall, Chase, and Rocky Cake

Paw Patrol Logo Cake

Marshall Character Cake

Marshall and Skye Cake

Lookout Tower Layer Cake

Skye-Themed Cake

Skye Face Cake