Teach Your Kids the 1-2-3s of Water Safety With This Paw Patrol Sing-Along

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Nickelodeon has teamed up with the Michael Phelps Foundation to teach your kids the 1-2-3s of water safety. In a fun sing-along, Michael appears with his oldest son, Boomer, and Paw Patrol's Zuma to share tips for both kids and adults.

"Water Safety has been a priority in my family since I was a child as my mom was adamant that my sisters and I learn to swim for safety purposes," Michael said in a press release. "The statistics around accidental drowning are alarming and we want to help educate and encourage families with a few basic tips in a fun and informative way. We want all kids to know the 123s of water safety - starting with never going to the water alone — and thanks to the support of the Michael Phelps Foundation, Nickelodeon and PAW Patrol, we can bring these important messages to the world with the help of the PAW Patrol pups and a fun, catchy song for families to sing along."

Watch the PSA in full above, and head over to Nick's site for a water-safety kit that includes tips and fun printables.