Mom's Incredible Photo of 2 Very Different Bags of Breast Milk She Pumped on the Same Day

When Chelsea Pryce's 2-year-old son, Osiris, got sick, she decided to breastfeed him and her other son, 3-month-old Hendrix, from different breasts to avoid Hendrix getting sick as well. Although moms have shared before the way their milk has adapted for their sick children to give them the nutrients they need, Pryce's photo of the way her breast milk adapted for her boys is even more incredible as she pumped two completely different-looking bags of milk on the same day.

"Osiris's pumped breast milk is on the left, Hendrix's is on the right," Pryce captioned the photo of her pumped milk on Facebook. "Each breast produced perfectly tailored milk for each kid. Our bodies are amazing."