This Stunning Wedding Photo Captures Bride and Her Bridesmaids Breastfeeding Together

It's rare that you see "group breastfeeding session" on a wedding photographer's shot list, but when it happens, it's one beautiful sight to behold.

Although this moment, shared between bride Jamie Riddell and her three best friends, was an unexpected one, photographer Lindsay Palmer captured it better than any staged portrait.

Jamie, along with maid of honor Jami and bridesmaids Cheryl and Robin, all gave birth within a year of one another, so as they were all getting ready together before the ceremony, they decided to capture the shared milestone somehow.

"Just prior to getting into their dresses for the wedding and heading to the ceremony, they all needed to nurse at the same time," Lindsay told us. "So they did . . . It was a lovely, relaxing morning – often even without all the babies it can be stressful!"

Lindsay suggested they all sit in bed together, and she joked that when she shot this Ontario, Canada, wedding back in May, she was in the midst of nursing a 3-week-old herself: "I should have done a selfie to add to the collection," she joked on her Facebook page.

"Knowing how exhausting and fleeting those early months of motherhood can be, it felt quite natural for me to document these real-life moments," she told us.

That gorgeous shot of the four women breastfeeding together wasn't the only touching moment for the mothers on Jamie's wedding day. Click on for sweet snaps of the wedding party and the bride and groom's nearly 1-year-old son, Easton. Warning: as Lindsay put it, "don't invite this kiddo to your wedding — he tends to steal the show."