This Photo of a Little Girl's Last Eyelash as She Battles Cancer Will Break Your Heart

Months of intensive chemotherapy have taken a toll on 7-year-old Hayley, but every part of this little girl's body is determined to fight — including her last eyelash.

The Australian child's dad, Andrew Brown, posted this heartbreaking photo of his little girl on Facebook with the caption, "That one last eyelash has been hanging on, on it's [sic] own, for a few weeks now."

After doctors discovered a tumor growing in the child's nose, the little girl began eight months of chemotherapy and radiation. The father of four explained that Hayley was originally upset about learning that her hair would soon fall out, and she lost her locks much sooner than her eyelashes. During this time, people made a point of noticing her thick eyelashes and everyone would compliment the child on how beautiful her eyes are. "Right through people, including her older sister, always said how jealous they were of her beautiful big eyelashes," Andrew told Kidspot. "But then one day she was complaining about something in her eye. The lashes were all coming out one at a time."

Hayley has since lost that final lash and has another five weeks of radiation as well as an additional two rounds of chemotherapy before her doctors plan to assess their next steps. "The hardest thing is seeing her now after being so full of life. I have a video from the start of the year, filming her older sister at a playground," Andrew said. "I filmed it in slow motion. Hayley is running alongside her sister, with her long brown hair flying behind her. Now she can't walk on her own more often than not, and that's in less than six months."