This Girl Followed Her Mom's Directions to Only Eat Half of Her Grapes Extremely Literally

When parents give their children directions, kids don't always listen. But sometimes they pay such close attention that they end up unintentionally (or sometimes intentionally!) mocking their mom or dad by carrying out exactly what was asked. Every parent can relate to this frustrating and sometimes pretty amusing feeling when their little one does precisely what you told them to — even if it isn't at all what you meant. One Reddit user posted about her own experience as proof that kids don't just say the darndest things — they do them to!

Reddit user janepatticynmo shared a photo of her child's bunch of grapes that each had a bite taken out of them, with the caption, "My kid said I gave her too many grapes. I said just eat half of em." While we all know this isn't what her mom wanted, we can't help but tip our hat to this clever girl — well played!