1 Grandma Stepped Up to Feed Her Granddaughter, and Yep, It Definitely Takes a Village

Julia Cannon, a mom from St. Louis, MO, needed a little help in the feeding department when her 6-month-old daughter Naomi wouldn't take a bottle. Anxious for her little girl to eat and in a desperate need of a shower, Julia asked her mom Angela Owens — who could still somehow produce breast milk after years — to breastfeed her granddaughter.

"[My mom] had always lactated — she never stopped — so she had always asked me how would I feel if she tried to latch Naomi," Julia told POPSUGAR. "I didn't mind it, we just never ended up trying. Naomi was going through a cluster-feeding stage and I had to take a shower and she was squealing her head off, so I said, 'Mom, try to latch her,' and it was a wrap after that."

Although the moment was certainly sweet, Julie's mom only feeds her when she babysits now. "It was extremely empowering as a woman to know my mom was feeding my daughter from the same breast milk that fed me for years," she said. "It was magical and made me feel so good!"

And yes, this photo confirms it certainly takes a village to raise a child! So heartwarming!