This Refreshing Photo Series Captures What Parenthood Is Actually Like

Elaine Baca, a photographer in Dallas, has a knack for telling stories through pictures. After graduating college, she put her skills to the test by capturing the everyday moments that make a family, well . . . a family. The results are powerful.

"These photos are all about the moment. Since there is no posing, changing the lighting, or interfering with what is going on, I have learned that I need to be stubborn and anticipate the moments and then wait for them to happen," Baca told POPSUGAR. "Families invite me into their world for a day to capture their everyday moments in their lives that they don't want to forget, like snuggles before breakfast or how their 3-year-old dresses themselves. . . . Each story is unique, which is what makes it so exciting for me."

The series shows those less-than-perfect moments but equally important milestones of parenting, including sibling scuffles, sweet times with grandparents, fun playtime, and, yes, tantrums. "This genre isn't about polished moments or encouraged smiles, it's all real life. When people view these photos, my hope is that it brings a little nostalgia, a laugh, or even a tear," the photographer said. "I want families to be able to look back on the photos of themselves 10 years from now and remember the way it felt to be a family in 2017. The saying 'Children grow up so fast' is true in so many aspects, and as a parent myself, I know how quickly I forget the little things about our everyday life from year to year."