So Just How Does a Full-Size Baby Fit in Your Womb?

It's one of the first things new moms marvel at once their babies are born — "just how did that big thing fit in there [pointing at their midsections]!" Now, Dutch photographer and new mom Marry Fermont is showing the world through a series of photos entitled Babies Inside a Womb.

When photographing her first birth in 2011, Marry marveled at how the midwife showed the family exactly how the baby was positioned inside the womb. "You see the baby coming out, but once [they're] out, it's so hard to imagine that they were ever inside of you," Marry said. "This gives you a little idea [of] how it [fit]." Since then, she's made it a regular practice to ask midwives (if the baby is healthy enough) to demonstrate it for the parents.

Marry usually waits about an hour or so after the birth to take the photos. For the first hour, the babies stay on their mothers for skin-to-skin contact. After that, the midwife checks the babies' reflexes. That's when "I ask her to show the parents how the baby was positioned inside the womb," Marry told us. "A lot of midwives in the Netherlands do this in general."

As for getting them in the right position? It doesn't require any special skills. "If you hold them the right way," they do it on their own!

Read on to see the stunning photos and imagine just how your little one took comfort inside of you!