This Mom Battled Breast Cancer While Pregnant and Her Powerful Photos Will Inspire You

Before giving birth to her second baby in 2014, Kimi Maxwell learned some devastating news: she had breast cancer.

This brave mom from Australia didn't make an unthinkable choice between her unborn baby and cancer battle, instead she continued her pregnancy while fighting for her life. After enduring a double mastectomy — while still pregnant — she posed for a raw photo shoot that showed off her healing scars as well as her growing baby bump. In the incredible black-and-white images, Kimi struck a powerful pose and wrote, "I survived" across her chest as well as "So did I" over her bump.

"Kimi has defeated the odds, battling breast cancer whilst pregnant. Her positivity and strength shine through in these pics!" Her photographer, Nikki Holmes wrote on Facebook. "She wanted to bare all to help raise awareness!"

After Kimi gave birth to her healthy baby girl, the pair posed for another celebratory shot showcasing their status as survivors. She is now in remission and is almost finished with reconstructive surgery. Her photographer is continuing to share the strong mom's story, and these photos are serving as inspiration to many.

"She faced her battle head on and I never heard her whine and she just showed so much strength," Nikki told the Daily Mail. "Kimi's goal was to raise awareness and she certainly succeeded in that with the photos being shared around the world, I was really proud of her and honored to play a part in that."