Pregnant Mom Working in the Emergency Room Says Social Distancing Is "Not About You"

Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. is someone you can turn to on Instagram for outfit inspiration, travel tips, and relatable parenting posts. However, the mom of three (soon to be four!) and blogger is also a certified physician assistant, which means she's been on the front lines in her Connecticut hospital's emergency department (ED) as our nation — and world — copes with the effects of the spread of COVID-19. Because of this, Lynzy's content has largely shifted to shedding light on what you should know about this virus, from the eyes of a medical professional.

Although Lynzy has created a number of Instagram Stories with information and tips regarding this pandemic (she has a highlight on her page where they're rounded up), she recently made a post pleading with those who aren't yet taking this situation seriously to please do so, as she's seeing the reality of this pandemic much closer up than many of us.

"I know this is a space for fashion and motherhood and fun. Right now, it needs to be a place where you can come and feel safe AND informed. At the end of the day, your lives mean A LOT to me," Lynzy wrote. "Yes, I will keep sharing fun stuff because we need an outlet but I will also keep you informed with what I know to be true and how we can all get through this together."

Lynzy goes on to share that while she took an oath to help as many people as she can through her profession, at 22 weeks pregnant, she worked a shift in the ED that made her worry for her baby's life and her own; because now, the reality is that this virus is everywhere.

"I also see many people not taking it seriously and continuing on with their daily activities. PLEASE stay home."

"We still have limited tests but there are MANY patients coming in with symptoms and that would most likely be positive if we could test them all (and hopefully will soon in the next few days). Your chance of exposure already is high ([in my opinion]). My husband I both work [in] emergency medicine and are already seeing the serious implications that this virus can have," she shared.

In some of her recent Instagram Stories, Lynzy has touched on those people who are still considering COVID-19 to be "like the flu" and so are going about their daily lives, having play dates, and not practicing social distancing, as is recommended. Now, she's urging people to listen to the advice to stay home and reduce your exposure to others as much as possible.

"This post is just a friendly reminder that I want to put out here to keep this community as safe as possible. I also see many people not taking it seriously and continuing on with their daily activities. In all honesty, the best way to shut this down is to order a national lockdown (which will hopefully happen). PLEASE stay home. Have fun with your kids and keep your distance from others. You can still go on hikes and be outdoors but just distance yourself from others. Does it suck? YES. But guess what? This is our BEST chance at keeping ourselves and OTHERS safe right now. It's not about YOU, it's about people less likely to fight off the virus."

"It's not about YOU, it's about people less likely to fight off the virus."

If you think you're immune because you're younger and those under 40 have been shown in the available data to be somewhat less affected, she wants you to know that you're not, and thinking that way is irresponsible for yourself and for others.

Lynzy ends her post with a nod to those serving their communities and putting themselves at risk to ultimately keep the rest of us safe and healthy: "Pray for those on the front end of this thing. It's scary sh*t."

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