Police Pay For a Father's Baby Formula

A trio of police officers in New Mexico recently proved that some crimes deserve a pardon. During their Sunday morning rounds, officers Joe Mason, Chris Bradley, and Anthony Armijo caught a 23-year-old shoplifting. But when they saw that the stolen goods were bottles of baby formula, they put the handcuffs away, walked into the store, and asked the owner not to press charges. They then proceeded to buy the formula for the father, whose name has not been revealed.

"He had no criminal intent," Bradley explained to a local news outlet. "He was just trying to feed his kid." Officers later learned that the man had recently lost his job. They sat down with him and offered some advice about getting assistance before letting him leave. As he walked away, the man thanked the cops for their good deed and said he would "never look at cops the same way again."

"It felt great," Bradley told a local news outlet. "It's why I signed up. I know it sounds corny, but I want to help people as much as I possibly can, especially in my own community."