Pregnant Jessica Simpson Shares a Photo of Her Swollen Foot: "Help!!!!"

Jessica Simpson is pregnant with her third child, but that pregnancy glow isn't exactly extending from head to toe for the singer as of now. The 38-year-old mom of two shared a photo of her severely swollen left foot on Jan. 10 with the caption: "Any remedies?! Help!!!!"

As far as pregnancy symptoms go, swollen feet are pretty common, but they're definitely uncomfortable. Luckily, the mom's post was flooded with advice from fans. "Elevate your feet and drink lots of water! That happened to me with my son," one said. Another shared that Jessica should "Eat pineapple with honey," and a third added, "Elevate, ice it, and avoid salt."

Although there's no way to tell from a photo, another commenter wrote: "Preeclampsia! Go see your doctor! I had the same during my pregnancies. Take care girl." Even though swelling is common in pregnancy, there's also a risk that it could be a symptom of the condition, which is characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine and also causes slower blood flow to the placenta. Its symptoms can be easy to miss as they are similar to other pregnancy traits such as swelling, weight gain, and headaches.

Jessica's boots may have been made for walkin', but we're hoping she's sticking to some fluffy slippers until the swelling goes down!

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