Mom's Post About Her Toddler Getting Naked in Public Will Make You LOL

On a trip to Burger King with her kids, Kearstin Leslie was watching her daughter, Charlie, play in the indoor jungle gym when she noticed that Charlie wanted to play a little more "freely."

"If anyone is wondering how my day has went . . . " the pregnant mom wrote to Facebook. "After bubba's doctor appointment we went to Burger King for breakfast, and of course I let the kiddos play in the play area. Charlie decided to climb to the top and take ALL OF HER DAMN CLOTHES OFF so my HUGE pregnant ass had to climb in that damn thing and get Charlie's little naked ass."

The mom's post, along with a photo that her own mother took of both Kearstin and Charlie in different parts of the play area, was shared to the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page. One commenter on the post nailed the hilarity of the situation right on the head: "It takes 17 minutes of full struggle to get them dressed, but they can get naked in five seconds!" Toddlers, amirite?