When 1 Mom Wore a Shirt in Honor of Her Rainbow Baby, She Never Expected a Stranger to React Like This

When Autumn Safley put on a maternity shirt that showcased a rainbow heart over her budding baby bump, her husband was hesitant for her to wear it.

The colorful decal was in honor of their rainbow baby, a child conceived after a miscarriage. While Autumn's husband didn't think people would understand the phrase "You're looking at a rainbow!" it didn't take long for a complete stranger to understand the significance.

When Autumn walked into her local Hobby Lobby, Courtney Mixon automatically knew that this expectant mother-to-be had previously suffered a miscarriage because she had too. Even though these women had never met before, Courtney had to speak up and commend Autumn for proudly wearing a shirt that represented such an important — but taboo — topic. "I told her my story and she told me hers. We hugged and said we would keep each other in our prayers!" Courtney shared on Facebook. "Me for her baby's continuing good health and her for me to conceive."

Through being open about her own tragedy and now precious rainbow baby-to-be, Autumn unknowingly made both Courtney and her husband's day by giving these new friends hope for their own future.