Runner Finishes Boston Marathon at 34 Weeks Pregnant

File this under ways to make the rest of us feel lazy.

While most pregnant women in their third trimester are hobbling around with swollen feet and aching backs, Amy Keil was crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon.

A lifelong runner, the 35-year-old had qualified for the 26.2-mile race before she found out she was pregnant, and with the blessing of her doctor, she continued training. Five days before the race, she got the go-ahead to compete.

"My doctor was fairly cool with it since I've always been a runner," Keil told Runner's World.

With her bib number pinned over her bump, the mom-to-be wore a pink shirt with handmade lettering that read, "Coming in 6 weeks!" Her strategy? "To feel strong and make sure baby was OK and it's so hard, the fans were so awesome, they were cheering me on the whole time," Keil said, adding that her pelvis and hips were the most sore during the run. "It was hard [to hold back]. I went out maybe a little strong in the beginning."

Keil finished in 4:19:14. It was her slowest marathon race time, but she had a decent excuse.