4 Reasons Moms Treasure the Preschool Years

The old saying about how the days are long while the years are short never rings truer than when you're going through the per-kindergarten years with your kids. There are definitely days that feel like they will never end. To help you get through them, here's a short list of truly wonderful and memorable moments that real moms cherish from parenting their own preschoolers.

1. Unconditional Love

There's no question that parenting is hard work — and it's wonderful to have a little affirmation once in a while that they really do love you as much as you love them. Reader Clare-maree D. treasures these moments with her son: "When they kiss you and tell you that you're beautiful and they love you. My eldest son is four and does this all the time!!"

Reader Suzanne W. agrees that one of the most satisfying things about watching kids grow is seeing them give back the love that they get from us. And, she says, it really melts your heart when it happens for no particular reason: "The best part is the random, out of the blue 'I love you, you're the best mommy ever.' The unconditional love a child gives is so precious, how can you not feel special to have it and give back in return?"

2. Joyful Homecomings

There's no place like home, and whether you're returning after a long day at work, or simply from running an errand, being greeted by a preschooler is like nothing else in the world. Reader Cary M. loves watching her daughter's face light up when she comes home: "She comes running towards the door as soon as she hears it open, screeching and smiling with her arms out! I wouldn't trade anything for it!"

Charity H. admits that the welcome home really is the best part of the day: ". . . My daughter in her cute little voice says, 'I wuv you mommy,' and gives me a great big hug. It always makes my day better no matter how bad or good it was."

3. They Make You Young Again

Reader Colleen C. shares how her children's positive outlook changed her own: "I love the way they look at the world; all fresh, new, and outside-the-box. This makes me laugh, and feel good and happy about things going on around me." Sarah C. points out another benefit: it's wonderful to share the things you loved as a child with your own son or daughter! She likes to sing and dance and watch the same movies with her kids that she loved as a little girl: "They bring the child in me out . . . Lovable, honest, happy, and stress free."

4. They Try to Take Care of You

It can be tough to teach empathy, especially when toddlers and preschoolers are so self-centered by nature. Maybe that's why it feels so good the first time you see your child acknowledge another person's sadness and try to help, as Kate C. and Jocelyn S. share.

When Kate was sick, she couldn't help but feel better when her daughter sang her a special lullaby: "It's the same one I sing every night to her, and when I wasn't feeling well she sang it to me and stroked my hair. She's such a sweet little girl." Jocelyn's 3-year-old son showed his sweetness when she was sitting on the floor, having a good cry. He came over and looked at her, and as she relays, "went down the hallway to the washroom and brought me a few squares of toilet paper and wiped away my tears. I ended up crying a little harder, but it had changed to tears of love."

What are your favorite moments from your child's preschool years?

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