Reese Witherspoon Snapchats With Her Kids About Procrastinating on School Supplies, and It's Hilarious

When we were kids, we likely went through life mostly focused on our own experiences without stopping to think about what our parents went through in order to make our lives work. From toddler years up to high school, our parents generally managed everything for us, from meals to clothing to providing us with shelter and love. But that's part of the joy of being a child! While the amount parents take on never seems to lessen, nothing seems as taxing as readying kids for back to school.

Which is what makes this very relatable moment shared by Reese Witherspoon so hilarious. In a now-viral Instagram post, the mom of three — Ava, 19, Deacon, 15, and Tennessee, 6 — shares a screenshot of herself talking to her kids via Snapchat about her responsibilities in readying them for school, and she is not happy. "Are you seriously telling me TODAY about all the school supplies you need Tomorrow?" she writes in the Snapchat caption. Though the filter she chose suggests she's being silly, all of us parents know this dilemma far too well: being told by our well-meaning children that they need a very specific item for class the next day as we're tucking them into bed at night. We feel you, Reese!