Thanks to a New Jingle, Ice Cream Trucks Could Be Getting a Welcome and Overdue Update

For however many decades, ice cream trucks have largely transmitted the same, all-too-familiar jingle. As more people continue to illuminate and speak out about said jingle's problematic and racist origins, however, it's become clear that a replacement might be long overdue, as well as a welcome change.

"I can assure you that this one is made with love."

Now, Good Humor and RZA have collaborated to do just that: the revered musician and founding Wu-Tang Clan member just debuted a new jingle to replace "Turkey in the Straw," an early-19th century folk song that was once a staple of minstrel shows, and has since become synonymous with ice cream trucks. "We could change the dynamics. We could make a new ice cream jingle for a new era," RZA said in a video talking about the project. He added, "We wanted to make a melody that includes all communities — that's good for every driver, every kid . . . I can assure you that this one is made with love."

Since Good Humor does not currently operate any ice cream trucks — nor has it since the 1970s — the brand has made RZA's song available for free in perpetuity for drivers with industry-standard music boxes. Give it a listen ahead, and then watch RZA elaborate on the making of the jingle.

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Listen to RZA's New Jingle For Ice Cream Trucks

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Watch RZA Talk About the New Ice Cream Truck Jingle