"Pay to Potty" Program Leaves School Kids Embarrassed and Parents Frustrated

Parents in Vancouver, WA, are upset with a new school policy that prevents their children from going to the bathroom during the day. A third-grade teacher at Mill Plain Elementary School instituted a program where she rewards students with Monopoly-like money. The students then have the option to "buy" treats or use the money toward trips to the restroom. Those who choose the former often find themselves painfully holding it in during the school day, and some even have accidents in the classroom.

"When it comes to a bathroom issue and a child has to pay money to use the bathroom, that's wrong," Jasmine Al-Ayadhi, a mom whose daughter wet herself during the school day, tells a local news station. "It's inhumane. That's a health issue."

To see what school officials have to say on the "pay to potty" program, read the full story on The Huffington Post. Source: Flickr user FreddieBrown