Serena Williams's Daughter Giving Her a Fake COVID-19 Test at Home Is Truly 2020 Parenting

It couldn't be more clear that kids are picking up what's going down this year. Take Serena Williams's toddler, Olympia Ohanian, for example. On Monday, the tennis star shared a funny video with her 3-year-old daughter as she gave mom a coconut, er, I mean, fake COVID-19 test at home. (Her imagination is light-years ahead of the rest of us.)

"The new normal kid games lol," Serena captioned the video of their truly 2020 moment. Olympia might not know exactly the difference between coconut or coronavirus, but she's certainly aware that the test goes through the nose and takes 10 seconds to complete — just further proof that kids are always in the know. We wish we could shield them from the chaos of this pandemic, but ultimately, we hope they learn and grow from it. Serena and her husband Alexis appear to be doing a good job of that with little Olympia.