Shanghai Disney Announced a New Zootopia Land, and I, a Grown Woman, Am Delighted

Shanghai Disneyland just announced some news that would even make Flash the sloth — and, ahem, DMV's finest — race over to the park: a Zootopia-themed land is in the works. According to the Disney Parks Blog, the expansion will recreate the adorable animated movie's bustling metropolis, and will feature a major attraction, unique menu items, and appearances from Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Construction will begin as soon as late 2019.

Getty | Marcio Machado
Disney Parks Blog

When it opened in 2016, Shanghai Disneyland offered six different areas: Mickey Avenue, Fantasyland, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove, Tomorrowland, and Gardens of Imagination. In 2018, the park also added a Toy Story land, making the forthcoming Zootopia area its eighth. The park is also part of the larger Shanghai Disney Resort, which includes two hotels and a Disneytown complex. At this rate, Shanghai Disney will have more to offer than the parks that have been around for over half a century!