Today in Things We Never Expected, Shay Mitchell Did a Gender Reveal Using Power Rangers

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Last week, Shay Mitchell revealed that she's pregnant and ever since, our Instagram feeds have been flooded with bikini pics as she shows off her cute baby bump while on vacation in Italy. Then, yesterday she posted a video to her YouTube channel titled "Do NOT Try This Gender Reveal at Home." In the video, Shay's assistant Liz surprises her and partner Matte with a hilariously unexpected, over-the-top gender reveal involving Power Rangers. Yes, Power Rangers.

The video starts with Shay and Matte calling their family and friends, taking bets on whether they are expecting a boy or girl. Then, two Power Rangers — one pink and one blue — burst from her house and battle it out in a wonderfully extra fight to reveal whether Shay will give birth to a boy or girl.

Watch the YouTube video above to find out which Power Ranger came out on top in this backyard battle.