This Mom Dyed Her 2-Year-Old's Hair Hot Pink – and Parents Everywhere Had Something to Say About It

Piercing ears, wearing makeup, dyeing hair — although these are standard beauty rituals for most women, a heated debate is brewing as to at what age they become acceptable for kids.

According to one mom, it's 2 years old.

Charity Grace LeBlanc posted a video on Instagram of her dyeing her toddler daughter's hair hot pink because "she has been begging me for a long time." In the tutorial, Charity said she made a point not to lighten young Felicity's hair because "she's still really little." And although she used semipermanent dye that's safe for kids and washes out in three to four days, she asked her followers, "would you let your daughter do this!?"

More than 3,000 people answered.

"Now you've let her do it, she will keep asking," one parent wrote. "I just think two is too young. She probably didn't know what she was signing up for."

Others among the 1.2 million video viewers were also displeased, as one commenter wrote: "My mother made me wait until I was 18 to dye my hair. For multiple reasons I would do the same with my children. Letting them do 'grown-up' things makes them think they are equal to a grown-up and can do as they please. I feel that we should just let kids be kids! No reason to rush it."

One parent felt it was a slippery slope: "If she asked for silicone fillers in her crop top, would you allow her to wear it just because she wants to express herself? We are parents first, not friends, and it's our duty to raise them as confident young children in their own skin."

Still, others didn't see the problem with this mom using a vegan dye — which doesn't damage the hair — on her consenting child.

"I see nothing wrong happening here, just a mother bonding with her daughter," one mom wrote.

Another commenter even had a rebuttal for those unsure if the child actually wanted her hair dyed in the first place.

"Kids don't go along so well with things they don't want to do and she sat there patiently and did it," she wrote. "Her hair was beautiful before and it's beautiful now. Hair dye has nothing to do with making yourself more pretty — it's about what you want."

Something nearly everyone could agree on, however, was how cute little Felicity was before and after, but the question is still up for debate: would you dye your toddler's hair?