10 Signs You've Become a Playground Fixture

Every playground has one. The mom who is there as soon as the gates open and refuses to leave until the sun sets. The one who other moms nod hello to in recognition as well as sympathy, knowing that she'll be spending her entire day there. You may think this describes one of your friends, but in actuality it could be you! Here, 10 signs that you spend way too much time by the jungle gym. Source: Shutterstock

You have a favorite bench, and nobody else dares to sit in it.


You know the park keeper's schedules so well — and they know yours — that you bring each other coffee each day.

Andrew Garfield Fan

Friends don't ask where to meet for a playdate, they just show up at your park at the appointed time.


You enter the park's restroom on a steady schedule — exactly two minutes behind the cleaning crew's schedule.


You know which kids hog the swings and can slip your little ones onto the equipment before the others notice.

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You judge the weather forecast by whether or not you and the kids will need sweaters on the jungle gym.

Warner Brothers

You're the mayor of your park on Foursquare and Facebook Places. Or you would be if you checked in.


You know which pieces of equipment your kids are on not by looking up but by how long you've been in the park.


You eagerly anticipate new playground equipment the way other women await a shoe sale at Nordstrom.


You don't know what to do with your child on a rainy or snowy day.