Sister Act! Sisters Give Birth Within 22 Hours of Each Other

Two women in Pennsylvania have taken the phrase sibling bonding to a whole new level. Last week, sisters Brigid Bink and Emily Whitaker each gave birth to their first children. The two learned of their simultaneous pregnancies nine months ago at a family pizza party where Brigid, the oldest of the two, announced that she was expecting. Feeling a little off physically, Emily took a test later that night and discovered she too was pregnant. After experiencing the highs and lows of pregnancy together, it only makes sense that the sisters went through labor at the same time. Or at least as few hours apart. Brigid gave birth to her son, Jack, on Wednesday, and less than 24 hours later, Emily welcomed her son, Owen, into the world.

"I think they're going to be best buddies, and I hope that's what they have," Emily tells Fox News. "We gave them a built-in best friend."