Sorry, Snow White, But You Completely and Utterly Failed at Impressing This Toddler at Disney World

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Disney World is the most magical place on earth, eh? Not so, says one very discerning toddler.

At one of the resort's famed character meals — you know, where kids around the world get to meet real-life, in-the-flesh Disney princesses over delicious macaroni and cheese (sounds totally lame, right?) — little Kaylin Hunter was trying to enjoy her dinner when Snow White just barged over to her table demanding a smile and a photo op.

Kaylin was not impressed.

No matter how hard Snow tries, she can't get a grin from the girl. Worse, she can't get her to make any expression at all.

"It's like she's a statue or something," her mom says off camera while Kaylin, clearly wondering what it will take to make this annoying lady leave, silently turns her back to the princess and blankly stares deep into the void.

We kind of take pity on Snow White and her unflinching determination, but you do you, girl.