Soleil Moon Frye's 4 Kids Look Just Like Her — and Have the Coolest Names!

Soleil Moon Frye is returning to her famous role as Punky Brewster, but that's not the only role she's got: she's spent nearly 16 years in the role of mom to her four kids! Frye shares four children — two daughters and two sons — with her husband, producer Jason Goldberg, from whom she separated in late 2020. One of the most notable things about all four children is that, like their mother, they have incredibly unique names — it's something of a family tradition at this point!

While Frye does maintain her kids' privacy for the most part, she also shares select moments from their everyday lives on social media from time to time! Here's what we've learned about each of her sweet kids so far:

Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg

Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg, born Aug. 24, 2005, is Frye and Goldberg's oldest child. After her birth, her parents revealed to People that they planned to call her by the nickname Poe for short. "With a name [like mine], we had to come up with something different," Frye joked.

Poet, now 15 years old, seems to love typical teen stuff: hanging out with friends and family, going to the beach, and grabbing ice cream. Although she's not heading toward showbiz just yet, she's using her own voice for things she cares about.

"Poet is this amazing public speaker," Frye told People in 2018. "I could definitely see her hosting something amazing. She's also an incredible advocate and speaks on things she believes in."

Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg

Born March 17, 2008, Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg is Frye's second child and youngest daughter. Like her older sister, Jagger was helped into the world by Demi Moore, according to People, and was a pretty chill kid from the very start. "She is very calm. We call her our little Buddha baby," Frye told the magazine shortly after Jagger's birth.

Almost a teenager now, Jagger might not stay out of the spotlight forever, though. "Every single day she begs to be in the business, and to be in front of the camera or on stage," Frye revealed to People in 2018. "I encourage her to do plays. She really, really loves performing."

Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg

Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg, born Feb. 11, 2014, is Frye's first son and third child overall. "I hope that since Poet's 8 and Jagger's 5 that they'll be little mommies," Frye told Us Weekly ahead of his birth. "We don't have a nanny and everyone in our family chips in."

Story Goldberg

Frye's youngest son, Story Goldberg, was born on May 16, 2016, and he continued the tradition of fun names in the family! "We are a family of unique names. I loved having a name that was different as a kid," Frye told People. "We started with our Poet and now our Story feels complete."