Stormi Webster Is Clearly Not Enjoying the Aquarium, and Her Little Attitude Is Hilarious

Dear little Stormi, what's going through your mind at the aquarium? That's probably what Kylie Jenner would love to know after she shared a photo of her adorable daughter on Instagram in which Stormi appears to be entirely unimpressed by her current situation. She's leaning against the wall away from the other girls with her arms crossed and an indifferent expression that reads, "Ugh, can we please get back to Calabasas?" It's giving me "arms crossed with the attitude, lips pouted" vibes à la "Fake Smile" by Ariana Grande, and it's hilariously cute. That little leg bend! I cannot.

"Is this the Aquarius in her or the little rager? Or both mmm I need answers lol," Kylie wrote in the caption. Travis Scott commented with a bunch of laughing emojis, and this is definitely a photo the couple will laugh about for years. Stormi is all of us when our friends decide on tacos, but we wanted pizza.