Watch This 1-Year-Old Throw His Potty Across a Room and Announce That He's "Stroooong!"

If you've ever potty-trained a toddler, you know it's not easy no matter how well-behaved your kid is. For Hailey Nolan, her son Wesley generally listens pretty well, but in a hilarious video posted to TikTok, Hailey shared her nearly 2-year-old son's cheeky side alongside the relatable caption, "I don't know how to parent this."

In the video, Wesley can be seen holding up his potty seat before saying, "I throw." Although he's instructed to not chuck the plastic seat across the room, you already know that's exactly what happens, because toddlers. He then proceeds to look pretty dang proud of himself, turning to his parents to announce he's "STROOOONG!" And we've watched the video 328 times just to hear him grunt-yell that one syllable over and over.

"Wesley is such a good boy and listens really well," Hailey told POPSUGAR. "But sometimes he does things like this and we can't help but laugh. I think it perfectly displays how potty-training is going for this almost 2-year-old. We're doing our best."

Aren't we all! Watch the adorable video above to see Wesley's Herculean strength.