A Second Grader's Answer to a Homework Question About the Police Is Truly Eye-Opening

Children are oftentimes far more observant and profound than we may assume. The latest proof comes in the form of a second grade student's answer to a simple homework question about the police. His eye-opening answer — which touches on the reality for some black adolescents growing up in today's society — has since gone viral.

When asked to write a predicate to complete a sentence starting with "the police officer," the student wrote, "killed a boy." Ryan P. Haygood, president of the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, later tweeted the young child's heart-wrenching answer and said, "Black kids know, as early as the 2nd grade, that they can be killed by the police."

It appears the teacher gave this student a "C" for correct, according to Twitter users. While this may have been an elementary-age homework assignment, we all have an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson here: even second graders are woefully aware of the times we live in.