31 Real-Life Moms Tell the Dumbest Things Their Partners Said in the Delivery Room

Everyone reacts to stress differently. Some get quiet, some crack jokes, and others just can't seem to stop talking. And while there's nothing more nerve-racking for a new dad than being helpless in the delivery room, that's just no excuse for some of the asinine things that come out of their mouths.

We asked real moms, "What's the most ridiculous thing your partner said in the delivery room?" and some (if not most!) of the comments had us wondering how these dads ever made it out of the hospital alive.

  1. "'There it is! There it is!.... Nope, you sucked it back in!'" — Jen
  2. "They brought a doctor in to manually massage my uterus, which means that a woman I had never met was quite literally elbow deep in my hoo-ha. He said, 'Normally I'd be jealous of someone getting that deep in my wife, but since you saved her life and all, I'm going to let it go.'" — Jacey
  3. "With my firstborn, the ex asked the doctor no more than an hour after delivering when I could start working out to get back in shape. Yeah, he was a special kind of stupid." — Amanda-Rae
  4. "The baby was crowning and the doctor said, 'Look at this Dad.' He looked, then looked at the nurse and said, 'Man I'm so hungry.'" — Melissa
  5. "My husband: 'That sounded like an octopus falling down a step ladder!'" — Annie
  6. "My husband's first words as my daughter came out was, 'She looks like my brother Carl!'" — Lindsey
  7. "There's no way that's coming out of there." — Sarah
  1. "As I barely made out the words, 'It burns so bad! Like a ring of fire,' he starts singing Jonny Cash to me!" — Jessica
  2. "With my fourth baby, I was in heavy duty contractions, nearing birth, and my husband was reading a book and said, 'I'm almost done with the chapter. Can you wait one more minute?'" — Barbara
  3. "Husband: 'Are you going to seduce my wife?'
    Doctor: 'Not in her current condition'
    Me: 'Induce honey, induce!' #truestory" — Brenda
  4. "He looks at me and says, 'Honey, you are only at a zero and have ten cm to go. You better toughen up!'" — Crystal
  1. "I asked him to talk to me while I was getting a C-section (to distract me from that fact). The first thing he says to me is, 'Okay, they just cut you open.'" — Sarah
  2. "With all that moaning you're doing, you're making me horny!" — Tara
  3. "He told me after 14 hours of being in labor that his belly was hurting from holding a fart in! I could have punched him!" — Jodie Marie
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  1. "'It's missing parts!' We were told the whole time that we were having a boy but then the doctor pulled her out!" — Charlene
  2. "After 19 hours of my 24 hour labor, he looked at me and said 'I'm bored'" — Noha
  3. "He looks down into my face, as the baby arrives, and says 'I REALLY don't like her name.' The one that had been picked out for months!" — Cynthia Ann
  1. "Mine was asleep while I labored through the night but at one point, as I'm laboring with no pain medicine, he woke up and told me to be quiet. The nurse handled that one for me." — Emily
  2. "In the midst of a painful contraction he said 'Aren't you glad you didn't use drugs?'" — Emily
  3. "'Wow, looks like someone threw a grenade in a deli.' We are divorced now. Seriously." — Katie
  1. "He had been asleep most of the night, so when the nurse woke him, it took about 45 minutes before our daughter was born. After my daughter came out he said, 'Was that all?'" — Yvette
  1. "He said, 'Do you care if I take my mom home real quick?' I looked at him and without saying a word, he just sat his ass down and his mom found her own way." — Jill
  1. "If I knew this was going to take so long I would have worn more comfortable shoes.... ." — Vanessa
  2. "In the OR, getting ready for an emergency C-section, my husband finally gets there and asks me 'Why did you call the ambulance? Do you know how much they charge?' The twins almost lost their father that day." — Natasha
  3. "My son's father said 'He has my balls!'" — Belinda
  1. "Bleeding from the episiotomy, my husband said, 'Boy, I would love to get a car that color!'" — Jayne
  2. "My wife delivered faster than Jimmy John's!" — Julie
  3. ""It's a boy! It's a boy!" The nurse said 'Look again dad,' she then lifted the umbilical cord and it was a GIRL!" — Nicole
  1. "The doc starts the incision [for the emergency C-section] and he peeks over the side and hubby says, 'OH ....MY...GOD! You wouldn't believe how many layers of fat you have in there!'' — Lynn
  2. "Can you pop an extra stitch or two in there to make sure she's still tight." — Boleyn
  3. "Me: 'Omg did I...'
    Husband: 'Are you kidding? You don't smell that?" — Michelle
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