19 Succulent Christmas Trees So Cute, You Just Might Ditch Your Balsam Fir

Though nothing can quite replace a classic balsam or Douglas fir, we can't help but obsess over succulent Christmas trees, which are currently taking over Instagram. These masterpieces feature various colorful succulent plants clustered into the same cone-like shape as a regular Christmas tree and decorated with teeny-tiny ornaments, lights, garland, and toppers. Seriously, does it get any cuter than these?!

Making your own succulent Christmas tree is actually pretty easy, if you're down to roll up those sleeves and get in touch with your green thumb. HGTV suggests cutting a large square of chicken wire and rolling it into a cone shape before filling the entire cone with water-soaked sphagnum moss. Then, simply poke holes in the tightly packed moss to hold the roots of your succulents, and use greening pins to make the plants stay in place. Or, alternatively, you could always take the easy way out and score a premade one on Etsy so you can spend your holiday time on the finer things in life like sipping wine and eating frosted sugar cookies.

Ahead, garner inspiration from the succulent addicts of Instagram who've shared their double-tap-worthy creations with the world.