Making Weeknight Dinners For the Family Just Got Easier Thanks to an Aldi Fan's Useful Tip

Jessica Bonnette
Jessica Bonnette

Cooking up a healthy, home-cooked meal for the family after a long day of work can be physically and mentally exhausting, which is why this Aldi shopper's superhelpful cooking hack just became the new first step in my meal-prep process. In a post shared to the Community Facebook page, Jessica Bonnette shared her hack for cutting back on the time and energy that goes into preparing weeknight dinners: lay out your meals in advance!

"Aldi shopped today and set up meals for the week!" Jessica captioned her post, featuring a photo of the baskets she and her family use to sort out their meals for the week in advance. "My mom and I have a great system set up lately. We put the cans, sauces, boxes, anything that doesn't need to be refrigerated for a meal in one of these and plan a meal completely. Sides, desserts, and all! Anything cold that would need to be added goes on a sticky note in the back! We pull the box out when we get home from work and have everything ready. It's a great system, honestly."

As someone who loves to stay organized, this photo alone is enough to make me look forward to my next grocery haul so I can lay everything out in perfectly arranged boxes and scoop up exactly what I need to make a delicious meal on a Tuesday night. Try the hack for yourself, and prepare to look forward to cooking weeknight dinners just a little bit more.

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