Save the Day With 25 Superhero Birthday Cakes!

Are capes part of your children's wardrobe? Do they jump off the couch to see if they can fly? If so, then serve up a powerful dessert to let your little one celebrate his birthday in superhero style. Whether you are creative enough to decorate your own cake or want to leave it to the professionals, we've found 25 inspirational cakes paying homage to favorite superheroes from the Avengers to Superman.

Avenging Dessert

We love how this cake features multiple characters from The Avengers.

The Bat Signal

This cake summons your tot's favorite superhero!

Costume Change

This cake perfectly captures Clark Kent's transformation into Superman.

Heroes in Hiding

These guys can't expose their true identity.

Wonderful Dessert

It wouldn't be a Wonder Woman cake without the lasso of truth!

Flying High

Spider-Man soars above the city.

Classics in Cake

The classic superheroes come together for someone's birthday dessert.

Boom! Boom! Pow!

We love this cake's use of common comic-book lingo.

Spidey Sense

Supertalented bakers can challenge themselves with this bust.

An "S" on the Chest

This cake is inspired by Superman's iconic "S."

Edible Emblems

This is a simple way to showcase all of your child's favorite heroes.

A Tower of Power

Which superhero will rise to the top?

The Captain Conquers

How cute is this cake topper?

The Hulk

This five-tier cake shows the many sides of Bruce Banner.

Tasty Web

This Spider-Man cake is picture perfect!

A Super Crew

Why limit your cake to one hero?

A Marvel(ous) Cake

This three-layer cake features some of Marvel's most powerful heroes.

Tasty Nemesis

A superhero would be nothing without his arch enemies, right?


Fondant is the key to this super creation.

Gotham City

Your hero is sure to protect this cake.

Sweet Shield

Rather than model the cake after Captain America, this baker used his shield as inspiration.

Here Comes Superman

This cake screams Superman!

Give Him a Hand

The Hulk knows how to make a sweet entrance.