2 Moms Invented the Best Solution For Swimsuits That Makes Bathroom Breaks a Breeze

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If you've ever struggled to yank down a soaking-wet swimsuit in time to get your toddler onto the toilet or dread having to change her diaper when she's in a swimsuit, you'll appreciate this clever product invented by two moms. Fasten swimsuits look like traditional one-pieces but have hidden magnetic snaps that can easily be opened at the waist to make bathroom breaks and diaper changes quick and clean. When your little one is using the bathroom, you can keep the flap clean and out of the toilet by attaching it to hidden magnets on the back of the swimsuit.

They even have built-in UPF 50 sun protection, giving your child the protection of a rash guard. The swimsuits range in size, offering options for babies, toddlers, and girls, and retail for $20-$25. If you're looking to solve a similar problem with leotards, you can shop its leotard collection as well. Take a look at its most popular swimsuits!