Target's Line of Microwavable Stuffed Animals Includes a Unicorn, Dinosaur, and Sloth!

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Snuggling up to my favorite stuffed animal as a kid was always comforting, but I already know it would have been 10 times cozier if I'd had one of these microwavable Warmies Stuffed Animals ($22). The line of heatable, lavender-scented dolls — available at Target — was created for cuddles, and they look like an absolute naptime must have.

A great gift for babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages, the 12-inch dolls resemble a variety of animals, including sloths, unicorns, dinosaurs, elephants, llamas, cats, dogs, the classic teddy bear, and more. Best of all, each doll only needs a minute in the microwave before they're warm and ready to be cuddled. Shop these adorable stuffed animals for the little one in your life ahead.